10 reasons badminton is going to be big in 2020

Constantly evolving, badminton has become the second most popular sport in the country after cricket. As this much deserved sport is finally receiving its recognition, here are ten reasons badminton is going to be big in the upcoming years:

  • Olympics 2020. India is eagerly waiting for the Olympics in Tokyo this year as it is preparing in full swing to win many more awards.
  • India has its name imprinted in the top rankings of BWF (Badminton World Federation). Shuttlers like Saina Nehwal, Srikanth Kidambi and P.V. Sindhu are currently ranked amongst the top ten in current BWF rankings.
  • With the passing days, India continues to win several medals across international competitions. Some of the most popular awards include the iconic bronze at 2012 Olympic Games bagged by Saina Nehwal. The silver at Rio Olympics bagged by P.V. Sindhu and many other medals at BWF World Championships are sure to keep the country’s flag flying high.
  • Competition between players. A healthy competition in between the top players in the country has won praise and pride to the game of badminton in the country. It has also inspired many youngsters to take up the sport of badminton.
  • Competition between coaches. Surprisingly, the intense competitive spirit in between players has also created competition amongst the coaches. The most popular badminton academies in the country, Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad and the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy in Bangalore are stepping up their standards everyday to battle hand in hand with one another.
  • Government funding.Significant awards by Indian players on an international platform has prompted the government of India to take keen interest in this thriving sport of badminton. Scholarships, awards and special development in infrastructure is sure to win the country many more awards and a much-deserved reputation. More academies are being set up across the country, not just by the government but also other private parties. These initiatives will create more opportunities, find talent and flourish the sport of badminton.
  • Multibillion-dollar industry.Like cricket, badminton too is evolving into a multibillion-dollar industry that is starting to grow exponentially as the world embraces the pleasure of this sport. Recent trends show an increase in the number of sponsorships and yearly turnovers. As India continues to be one the largest TV markets, the revenues achieved by these viewing numbers is going to be huge. This also creates healthy and successful business opportunities to several bodies.
  • Business deals.Thanks to the excellence of players and the enthusiastic interest taken by our countrymen, the sport is also attracting international attention. The recent deal between the Badminton Association of India and Japanese sports equipment manufacturer Yonex or the deal between Li Ning and P.V. Sindhu are certain markers of growth and success in the upcoming years.
  • Health benefits.Badminton is being promoted across the country to fight disease and maintain health since it is considered to be a very healthy sport by many doctors.
  • Affordable sport. The game of badminton is fairly simple. The equipment needed is less and easily available. It can be taken up by anybody and anywhere.

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