What is a cricket bat?

In the game of cricket, the long tool used to hit the ball to score runs is called the cricket bat. Ideally, it is about 38 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width. The weight of the bat can be at your comfort ranging from 1 kilo to 2.5 kilos. There are different types of bats for each occasion and preference.

Types of bats

All cricket bats are carved out of willow. It is a naturally occurring fibrous wood. The better the quality of the wood and its grain, the greater is the price of the bat. It is believed that a narrow grain willow provides greater performance but with a reduced longevity whereas a broader grain willow lasts longer but takes time to reach optimum performance. In India, cricket bats are mostly available in two types – Kashmir willow and English willow.

How to choose a bat

It is true that not all of us are Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli. However, we do require a good cricket bat to ace the sport.

Playing conditions

For beginners, we recommend a lighter bat so that it is easy to become familiar with the different types of swings and shots. It is also very important to choose a right bat for your ball. If you’re using a tennis ball, we recommend a regular Kashmir willow bat. These bats are mostly affordable.

For seasoned players, we recommend a well weighted cricket bat so that a good balance can be maintained for those difficult defensive strokes. However, make sure that it is not too heavy. Since season cricket uses tough leather balls, it is important to use a good quality willow to retain quality, performance and longevity. English willow from top brands is usually sufficient. These bats can be slightly expensive.

Bat size

Bats are usually available in different heights to suit the height of the player. While some are meant for children, there are some with other size differences. Here’s a reference to choose the right bat size.

A range of short, medium or tall bats are also available in the market. The short, medium or tall here refers to the size of the blade. These bats hugely influence your batting style. The short bat is for those aggressive games full of boundaries. The medium is a perfect balance for all kinds of play – aggressive or defensive. The high sort of bat is for those short length deliveries to dodge risky balls. Sometimes you might have to choose cricket bats based on your batting style.

Once you have bought your ideal cricket bat, it is very important to maintain and service your bat timely to preserve performance and quality. Some bats may require oiling to main moisture and prevent damage due to dryness. Do not forget to apply stroke label on your brand-new cricket bat.

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