First of all, the sports mentioned above are racquet sports; on top of that, both are played on an alike looking court with a net in the center, both are smacking things back and forth. Both have their foundations in England and stuck on to firm rules of protocol. It is common that badminton and tennis over and over again get lumped together. But in the end, they are very different.

You might be shocked to know, but when it comes to being the faster of the two, more running involved, as well as a maximum number of shots hit, all three categories have been checked off by badminton.

Logical Explanation

It must be hard to digest, but it is indeed true. Badminton is a whole lot faster than the game of tennis. It will be easier to understand if you take it via the eye of physics: in badminton, you are hitting a light feather birdie, whereas, in tennis, you are running a heavy ball. Thus it should now be easier for you to understand and conclude that badminton is indeed faster than tennis. As you are hitting a heavy ball in tennis, it is hitting the floor a lot quicker. You get to even go for the bounce before you get to hit the ball again. While playing badminton, you are bound to hit the birdie at the same time as it is in the air. You can do a bit of squash jump while it is high in the air, too, using your full body weight. By doing this, you will see the birdie whizzing. It is said to be even faster than a golf ball!

If you are comparing the two sports based on which game involves the most running, we can conclude at a point with the help of some statistics provided. Otherwise, it is quite hard to tell from just looking at the game. Restricted in a court, it is really hard to tell who is running more. The statistics say that an average tennis game is much longer than an average badminton game. A set of tennis can last up to a good 3 hours, but a game of badminton will be a little more than an hour or so. Thus, the latter is almost two hours shorter. Still, in that brief amount of time, a player is running twice as much as the player playing tennis, at the same time hitting the birdie twice as much. The sport screams for fitness more than anything as a badminton player needs to run more and hit more in a much shorter period. The game is of high speed and much more face-paced.

Other statistics confirm that badminton is played by a staggering number of 220,000,000 million players from all around the world, which is almost four times the number of tennis players, which currently rests at 60,000,000. Thus it proves the popularity of the game worldwide and especially in Asia, which supplies most of the players in those stats.