Badminton is a type of racquet sport which is played by either two or four contesting players who must smack a small object also known as shuttlecock over a net dividing the opponents. As each competitor advanced to hit the shuttlecock towards their opponent’s side of the court, a sequence of nonstop hits, or what is famous as a rally, start. The rally keeps on until the shuttlecock alight on one side of the designated court zone, or hits the net and drops on to the floor, with the player than scoring a point. Each game is played up to 21 points, and a player must succeed in the best of three games to win a match. While the exact origin of the game is a bit unclear, but an old form of badminton is initially considered to have been played more than four centuries ago.


There are about 220 million people around the world who take part in this sport regularly, a majority of which hailing from Asia, especially in South Korea and China. Although a bunch of various games is also in trend in these countries, the national fondness for badminton outshines even table tennis and basketball. The reason behind this is, especially in a country like China, badminton is a non-contact sport. Thus, it has been played for decades now by children in colleges and schools across the country. China has been gifted to interpret this young at heart love for the game into a devoted group of women and men who contend globally at the uppermost level. China’s covert in badminton at the London 202 Olympics is proof of the country’s affection for the sport. In addition to that, the game is as accepted and admired among adults as it is among children. On a quiet and calm day in almost every city across the country, grandparents and parents can be seen taking part in playing badminton within their building complex and in neighboring parks.

The reporting badminton gets from the media in Asia is an added cause of why the sport prolongs to be so in trend there. Asia’s finest badminton players are taken care of like celebrities, with their every intention being documented and followed by journalists. These players also get paid worthwhile advertising contracts, endorsing different products ranging from chewing gum to sports clothing. National championships and other domestic events are also provided ample air time, much more than the reporting badminton would get in the USA or European countries.

It afterward came as a bit of a revelation to discover that the fame of badminton in Asia is now looked upon as a danger to the feasibility of the game at the top level. There were a bunch of nasty events during the un-sportsmanship by not taking part to win a few group games to make sure their finest players made it to the finale. After the Badminton World Federation reconsidered the games, two Chinese players were amongst 8 in total from Asia, which were driven out from the contest and dispatched back home, much to the defeat of officials and disappointment of fans. While it is now apparent that Asia’s supremacy of the game at the top level needs new competition from other nations, the authorities expect that badminton’s constant recognition will provoke a new generation of finest players who will make competitions and tournaments which will be bored in mind for aggressiveness and talent above all.

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