Ball Badminton Bat Online Shopping

Are you surprised by the title? No, it is not a typo. We are, in fact, talking about a game called Ball Badminton.

Sadly, this is the state of such an amazing game in the country. It is not only a fast pacing game but it has now become a fast fading game.

If you’ve never played or heard the name of this game, it is similar to badminton. This game was invented in the southern parts of India as early as the 19th century. Just like badminton, ball badminton too is a game that is full of speed, skill, reflexes, agility, strength, cognition and planning.

The sport is managed by the Ball Badminton Federation of India (BBFI) and it is an officially recognized game in India. Due to the onset of globalization and perhaps other hugely marketed sports like cricket and football, the popularity of ball badminton has faded immensely. Like many other things, India is on the verge of losing its indigenous game, its popularity and its players.

Today, the game’s fate lies in coaches and players who have strived hard to excel at the sport, won awards and taught others. By luck, one can find a little reportage of the game on some corners of a newspaper.

The game has lost its relevance through digitization, boring play and lack of capital. Although we feel sad at the state of this sport in India, we also strive towards keeping it alive for its die-hard fans and those of you who still remember and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

This sport requires minimal equipment and can be played by people of any strata. While that may be enough reason to promote the game in rural areas, the availability of equipment is a big miss. There are hardly any retailers selling ball badminton equipment in their stores. This is where Olympic Sporting Co. comes into play, both literally and purposefully.

We provide you with an exclusive collection of Ball Badminton Bats, woolen balls and other gear that is needed to play the sport. The bats at Olympic Sporting Co. are brand approved and follow the strictest dimensions as approved by the BBFI. The rackets are perfect for beginners and intermediate players. They feature an aluminum frame that ensures the harshest of sliced smashes. They are properly weighted to provide excellent control on service.

We also have a collection of the highest quality ball badminton balls that offer excellent bounce and aerodynamic properties. They are made with high-grade Australian wool and will make the perfect equipment for all kinds of play.

At Olympic Sporting Co., we believe that the littlest of efforts can go a long way in the lives of our customers. This is the reason we strive not only towards providing them the highest quality equipment and gear but also keeping their spirits alive. One such act in inscribed in our efforts to keep the long-lost game of ball badminton alive. As sportsmen ourselves, we understand the spirit associated in sport.

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