Over the past few years, sports types of equipment have come a long way. Thus, we would love to impart with you some details of the latest products that will save not only your precious time but also keep you from losing patience over making a buy. So help yourself, and go through this article to get answers to your questions that have been left unanswered for an extended period.

Picking a badminton racquet may seem like a challenge itself and at times can be very knotty. The most important part of choosing a badminton racquet is ensuring that you go for a racquet that matches up with your skill level. Opting for a choice that demands more expertise or too much flair for you will nearly leave you frustrated with your practice.

Which badminton racquet to buy for beginners?

  1. Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racket:

These racquets are made using aluminium materials and premium quality steel. These racquets add up the strength to the shots you play as well as the rubber grip makes them look perfect and effortless. The steel shank assures short torsion letting more force with every hit. The racquets moulding equally supplies weight to tot up steadiness to your shots, by this means making your fixture more uniform. 


  • Beam circumference: 203 mm
  • Head figure: Isometric shape
  • Weight: 95 gm
  • Grasp size: G3- 8.89 cm
  • Strung Type: Strung
  • Other features: designed to offer lasting durability, lightweight and technologically advanced

  1. YonexNanoray 7000i Badminton Racket

This racquet is ideal for beginners to intermediates as well as young players. It is great for hitting singles, especially for individuals who like to crush. It is well balanced but is a little more head heavy than the rest in the series. These racquets are all about pace. With each swing, you will get a high repulsion force. Advanced technology will make sure high repulsion force on all your extreme speed shots.


  • Shank material: Graphite
  • Structure material: Aluminium
  • Size: G4
  • Weight: 90 gm
  1. Carlton Rapid 200 Badminton Racquet

It is an evenly balanced and extra flexible one that deals with tension up to 30 lbs. It has an A-rated frame so theoretically ideal. It delivers superior aerodynamic competence at every level of the swing.


  • Playing style: All forms
  • Pre-strung: Strung
  • Head Figure: Isometric head shape
  • Grasp Size: G1
  • Shank material: Steel
  • Structure material: Aluminium
  • Ideal for: Adults (beginners)

  1. Yonex ARCSABER 10i Graphite Shaft Badminton Racquet

This one is a full graphite racquet. It is ideal for beginners who want something for all rounds. Its isometric head shape expands the sweet spot, enhancing precision on all shots, even being off centre. They are fundamental in accuracy and control backed supported by repulsion power.


  • Shank material: Graphite
  • Grasp size: G4
  • Weight 78 gm

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