A good number of players, especially less knowledgeable players, have this question with them: which badminton string is best for smashing? They wish to get better at the smash to feel like they have the opportunity to score more points. The jump smash in badminton can get you very excited. When you hit a jump smash the right way, you feel positive about it. This gets better automatically with every point you manage to win. Sadly, there is a lot of propaganda out there related to tensions and strings.

So the question prevails still, which is the best badminton sting for smashing?

One of the most delicate strings for smashing in the market currently is Yonex’sAerosonic strings. They are the slimmest string in the world and have extreme repulsion power. If you want a more powerful smash, you will need a thin line with high repulsion. YonexAerosonic is one such example of a badminton string which is ideal for smash power. Choosing the right track isn’t an easy one pick answer, though.


The smash in badminton is the most stimulating shot in the whole game. It needs proper timing and racquet speed to get the most out of it.

  • HIGH REPULSION: repulsion in strings is calculated by how fast they come back to normal. Lines are stretchy, and they expand when under pressure. You need strings that crack again quickly after you smack the shuttle.
  • SOFT FEELING: opposing widespread conviction, strings with a softer feeling will provide you more power. They will expand effortlessly than lines with a harder sense, which offers more repulsion. Strings with harder feel will give you better reaction on more subtle shots, but they are less resilient for smashing.
  • THIN GAUGE: the gauge is the measurement depicting the diameter of the string, in other words, the thickness of it. A slimmer line is better for producing more power as the force of smacking the shuttle is distributed over a smaller surface area. The lesser surface area places the lines under more pressure, and they will expand. They will give more power when they spring back.

It is not all about having the most powerful smash. There is no point picking a string like Yonex BG66 Force or YonexAerosonic if you are starting and are not capable of smacking the shuttle in the sweet spot repeatedly. You will split your strings more often when all you need is something reliable and durable.

Badminton is a game of ability and precision. Some players’ style is not fitting for rough and smashing. Some do better when they play more technical shots using proper strategy and tactics. There are strings out there that deliver to each of these styles. If you go for Yonex’sAerobite, you will get the rough texture, which will grip the shuttle more on the force that makes it simpler to spin the shuttle more for tumbles and slices.

So instead of choosing a badminton string based on the force for one shot, think about how you wish to play and also consider your experience level. In addition to that, do not back out from experimenting with different string types from different brands so that you get your hands on the best ultimately.


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