Essential Badminton Equipment for Players

Just like every sport in the world, badminton too requires a set of equipment to successfully play a game. The game of badminton consists of some essential equipment without which, the game is as good as dead. However, unlike other complex sports, badminton has a small set of requirements that make playing the game an absolute delight.

The essential equipment required for badminton includes a net, badminton racket/racquet, shuttlecock and a couple of other items. Comparatively, badminton requires lesser equipment and accessories. Therefore, the cost of playing badminton also remains extremely cheap. This is also one of the reasons why badminton is the most preferred backyard sport amongst Indian households.

If you are a rookie or just like to play the game for fun, you can manage playing badminton without a net. This is the story of most Indian households and parks where you can see several players enjoying the sport with just a set of rackets and a shuttlecock.

Let’s have a closer look at what kind of equipment you need to successfully play your game of badminton:


badminton rackets

First and foremost, a badminton racket is the most important piece of equipment you require before you even start thinking about playing the game. They come in many varieties across several price points. As a player, you have the option to choose from a basic badminton for beginner’s play, intermediate ones or even customized rackets that are built for a specific kind of play like aggressive or defensive play.

(Yes, we know what you are thinking. You cannot play badminton with a single racket. You’ll first need a partner who has his/her racket too.)


Shuttle cocks

After badminton rackets, the next most important piece of equipment is the shuttlecock. The game is simply unplayable without a shuttlecock. In the market, you will find two kinds of shuttlecocks. Those made with plastic (nylon) and those made out of feather. Usually, these are the two options but you can sometimes find innovative shuttlecocks made with other materials too. We recommend that you choose between plastic or feather.

If you are just getting started, the choice of the shuttlecock does not matter. You can freely choose in-between feather or plastic shuttlecocks. We recommend that you choose plastic because they are much more durable. As you start developing your game and look forward to further bettering yourself, we recommend that you indulge in feather shuttlecocks. Feather shuttlecocks are the traditional equipment used in the game of badminton. They’re designed for better balance, wind dynamics and controlled shots. Badminton clubs and professional badminton players only use feather shuttlecocks.

Purchase good quality shuttlecocks since they take a lot of beating and tend to wear out quite often. Start with purchasing at least 3 to 5 shuttlecocks.

Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes

You might assume that just about any pair of shoes will do you good for badminton. No! You cannot use your regular running shoes or sneakers. A proper set of badminton shoes are designed in such a way that your ankles, knees and other joints are well protected as you run across the court/field and plunge to return the shuttlecock. The only reason you need a good pair of badminton shoes is safety. And safety if you ask us, is the number one priority.

Improper footwear can cause serious injuries that might have implications throughout your life. Badminton shoes are well cushioned and contain other shock absorbing mechanisms that are essential for the well-being of your joints during a game of badminton.

Badminton Netbadminton net

After the racket, shuttlecock and shoes, the next piece of important equipment is the badminton net. If you are playing at home, you can manage playing without the net, but for intermediate play and those of you who want to learn badminton to the fullest, we recommend you to invest in a badminton net.

Usually, the badminton net is 20ft long and 2.5ft tall. The mesh/net is topped with a white colored PVC material. The net is attached to two posts on two ends. Usually, these posts are attached to the ground, but you can also buy portable posts and attach your net to the post.

Clothing and other accessories

Chances are, if you are playing badminton, you will be drenched in sweat all over your body. It is a very physical sport that will demand running, jumping, bending, plunging and other movements. Wearing random clothes while playing badminton might not be a good idea since you will be terribly uncomfortable. Choose breathable fabrics and those fabrics that will dry out quickly. Invest in athletic clothing or choose clothes especially meant for badminton.

If you generally sweat too much or suffer from hyperhidrosis, we recommend that you invest in a sweatband. A moisture-wicking sweatband will help you quickly wipe away sweat and help keep you feeling lighter.

Purchase good quality socks since you’ll be moving around quite a lot and you do not want your feet fiddling inside your shoes.

This is the most essential equipment that you need for your game of badminton. As you develop your game, you can start investing into other equipment like customized rackets, high-end shuttlecocks, wooden badminton court, etc.

We hope that this guide gives you a good idea about the different equipment used in badminton. To buy these items, visit: