How do I choose a Tennis Racket?

A good tennis racket will not only make your game but also life easier for you. You will be able to play better, faster, and stronger. With different sizes, models, and types of rackets being used in the game of tennis, it may be particularly difficult for us to choose a proper racket.

Here’s a basic beginners guide to help you choose your racket. Follow this advice choosing the perfect racket suitable for your play.

Which type of racket should you go for?

The top factors that you should determine before purchasing a racket are skill level, physical strength, build, and your age.

Beginners and intermediates: Players who are not physically very strong can choose rackets that are lightweight/oversize power. These rackets are very easy to swing and run around the court.

Intermediate to advanced players: Seasoned players of tennis with a good built and athletic body can choose powerful control rackets. These rackets output a good balance of power, control, and flexibility. They are absolutely perfect for all your big swings, spins, and smashes. These rackets are a great ‘first-adult’ rackets for all beginners.

Advanced to expert players: Ultimate control rackets are the most suited rackets for highly experienced tennis players. They will aid in all your powerful strokes as you carefully aim and rally the tennis ball. They are usually the thin beamed heavier rackets that you can find on our website. These rackets are great for improving technique and playing those fierce games with an equally fierce opponent.

How to choose grip size?

A simple method to choose the perfect grip size is to first hold your suitable/favorite racket in your normal playing hand. Then, you should able to easily squeeze the index finger of your other hand in the gap formed in-between your thumb and other fingers as you tightly grip your racket.

Still unsure?

No problem. We recommend buying grip size 2 or 3 if you’re a child/woman. For most adult men, grip size 3 or 4 is most ideal.

How to choose stringing?

Every tennis racket that you buy comes pre-strung with a string whose quality is as good as your racket. They all also have a string tension rate at which these strings are strung. Tighter the string means more the control. Looser the string means more power. You may choose a racket whose balance is well within the parameters of adequate ‘power’ and ‘control’.

If you’re a beginner, we recommend choosing multifilament string while advanced players may opt for a polyester string. Be aware that for every racket you purchase, you can always adjust the tension, type, and color of the string.

Apart from these factors, also lookout for the most popular rackets amongst players of all strata. This might help you relate with and ultimately choose a racket that is perfect for your kind of play.

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