How to Choose A Perfect Yoga Mat?

You are probably here before buying your first yoga mat. Or perhaps your 20th. No matter how many times you purchase it, you will always look for blogs explaining about how to choose your yoga mat. This is because it is your best friend during your intense sessions of stretching. If you give it some love, it can return all that love in the ways you deserve.

Before you start wondering why this is such an important blog post, we need you to note that if you are practicing yoga, you need a mat! It is much more than just a sober sheet of PVC or rubber.

A good yoga mat will help you hold your ground and prevent you from slipping during your session. You will be much more confident and protected during practice. Also, while doing yoga positions, you are most likely stretching in numerous directions. A thick yoga mat will even out the flooring and prevent you from subjecting yourself to potential muscle cramps or fatigue.

Keeping the benefits of a yoga mat in mind, there are a variety of yoga mats in the market that are designed for different users. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of yoga mat you need to invest in.

Size and Shape: The first and foremost factor to consider is the shape and size of your yoga mat. How tall are you? Are you short, super tall or somewhere in the middle? Are you slightly overweight and trying yoga to get that excess fat off of your body? No problem. Yoga mats are available in all shapes and sizes to accommodate various body types. Check size charts and measure your yoga mat before purchasing. You can also choose from rectangular, squared or even circular yoga mats.

Assess your level: You might be a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner. What are your daily positions going to be? Are you going to do gentle yoga positions or the complex ones? If you’re a beginner, choose a mat that offers you maximum comfort. Since you are not going to be stretching too much, you can skip on the grip and choose one between 5- and 8-mm thickness which is just about enough thickness to protect your joints.

If you are an intermediate practitioner and have a clear idea of what you want to do, you can level up in your yoga mat. Choose one that will not hurt your muscles even after long hours of yoga. Look for and try several mats made with softer materials that offer a better comfort for lengthy durations of yoga.

If you are a teacher or an advanced practitioner, you probably already have a favorite mat. If not, your priority must be focused towards maximum grip and stability. You should make sure that you do not slip with all the standing and balancing. Choose a high-quality material and a thinner mat which will provide maximum grip against the surface.

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Ease of usage: Yoga mats come in all kinds of materials. The most popular ones are usually made out of PVC and foam. You can also find yoga mats made of recycled rubber, cotton, jute, latex and some other mixed materials. Some of them have tread like patterns on the underside to provide better grip. The material will also ultimately decide how lightweight and heavy your yoga mat is. Let’s say you are carrying your yoga mat to a nearby yoga class, there is no point in choosing one that is heavy. If that is the case, we recommend you to choose a high-quality PVC mat. It is tried and tested for stickiness, ease in travelling and durability. For your yoga asanas at home, you can experiment with all kinds of fancy textures and materials. Just keep in mind to choose one that offers maximum traction and proper comfort.

Price: You might not have expected it but yoga mats can end up being a pricey affair. They start anywhere from Rs.100 and go all the way up to Rs.10000. If you want to get some extra-sized yoga mats made out of super ultra-soft materials, you will have to pay some extra buck. There are also mats that offer easy washability and anti-microbial features to prevent any kind of bacterial growth due to sweat. Some others are made using vegan and eco-friendly materials.

If you are just starting out, we recommend you to start with a standard, average priced yoga mat. If you’re a pro, you are always free to choose your price range. Because ultimately, your yoga mat will be your friend for life. Choose wisely.


A yoga mat not only enhances your practice but also adds to the aura of your yoga room. It also defines your motivation and allows you to properly relax in-between asanas. Listen to your body and choose a yoga mat that resonates with your persona.

Browse different mats online or go to your nearby retailer. You can also visit us directly if you are in and around Bangalore. Read reviews and consult experts before you pull the trigger. Try various mats and settle with one that suits you the best.

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Happy Yoga!