How to choose the right table tennis table?

Some sports have tones and tendencies that are difficult for the eye to see. For example, choosing the right table tennis table for your game is actually a tricky affair. Now, one could easily think that all table tennis tables are the same. In reality, they are not. There is a lot of difference amongst table tennis tables and they are also available at lots of different prices.

One needs to keep in mind several factors before choosing a table tennis table. These factors may include factors ranging from size, structure, material, type of play, price, height, frequency of usage and rating of player.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right table tennis table.

Who is it for?

This is the first question one needs to ask before contemplating to purchase a table tennis racket. The answer for this question includes, the player’s age, skill level and the different number of people who will be using the table.

If you are purchasing a table for your family and kids, then you might need to choose a table that can handle wear and tear on a daily basis. Because at the end of the day, kids and expensive items don’t usually pair well. Also, since beginners are not well trained with the sport, they tend to be a little rough with their equipment.

An affordable table with durable construction will give you the ultimate bang for your buck. You may even consider a table with adjustable height options to accommodate for your children’s heights.

Also, if your table needs to be picked up and moved constantly, choose one that can be easily foldable and stowed away. Remember that stationary tables will be much thicker and better built than tables that are meant for portability.

Choose a table for your skill set

The next important factor to be considered is the level of your skill. If you are just starting out, table tennis might actually be more of a fun activity rather than studying the dynamics and techniques of the game. For this purpose, an averagely priced table will be more than ideal.

For advanced, intermediate and pro level players, you might require a table that offers a tournament level playing surface. Choose a full 25 mm table thickness to give the proper bounce to your ball.

After the thickness and type of wood used, most of the price is spent in choosing a table with a strong base and durable construction material. This can be subjective to the buyer. If you want professional level board but can do with mediocre quality in build material, then choose the average prices. For the best quality board both on top and underneath, choose the higher priced tables.

According to us, a good table tennis table should serve you for several years. Since moving parts are involved, choosing one that is well built both on top and bottom will be the best value for money.

 These are the main things one needs to keep in mind before choosing the right table tennis table. Before you purchase, make sure that the table is perfectly levelled from all sides. Make sure that the net is appropriately heighted and is made of high-quality material.

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