Sports Shop in Bangalore

With the growing age of online shopping, super-fast delivery and order-from-home comfort, the offline stores are only a story of the yesteryears. As it so happens with any such growing trend, there are advantages and disadvantages both. Certainly, it is a matter of fact that online shopping has eased multiple things for all kinds of shoppers alike. It has created opportunities and innovations to the entire perception of business and e-commerce.

However, it would be unfair to speak of the implausible disadvantages it has brought with itself. One of the major disadvantages of online shopping is the fact that the customer does not have direct access to the product. One cannot feel, weigh, test or experience their favorite product. Especially in the sense of sports products, these might be checklists that need fulfilment. This shortcoming in online shopping paves way for tricksters and scamsters to provide the customer a sub-par product on a fake promise of authentic products.

Welcome to Olympic Sporting Co. in Bangalore

Olympic Sports Co. has been the leader in supplying 100% brand authenticated sports goods since nearly 5 decades. We are the largest wholesaler in the whole state of Karnataka. We are experts in sports and all the goods associated with them. We have a large collection of products that vary from several brands at affordable prices. We guarantee you an assured after-sales service and supply of the highest quality products.

We have earned our spot

Olympic Sporting Co’s success is a story of thick and thin over a long period of time. Most of its roots were built single handedly by the founder Mr. Bhaktavatsal. It was a result of strenuous travel and perseverance that resulted in an exclusive clientele all throughout the vast state of Karnataka.

Our customers come first

With every product that you purchase with us, you also purchase a lifetime of after-sales service for all your woes. Not only do we provide you top quality products, but you can be assured of a timely and responsive service even after your purchase. We also offer exclusive returns and replacements on all our products.

We offer you a wholesome shopping experience

Being true sportspersons ourselves, we understand that it is important for you to ‘feel’ your product before you purchase them. At our store in Bangalore, you can try a large collection of sports goods across various brands and choose only the product that suits your comfort. You can either buy directly at the store or simply order online.

We are brand authenticated

We are one of the only selected-few retailers that are brand authenticated from global brands such as Yonex, Apacs, Li-Ning, Nivia and many more.

Apart from that, Olympic Sporting Co. has a huge customer base throughout the country which has proved its support to Olympic Sporting Co. time and again.

Visit or pay a visit to #3, 1st Floor, Thimmaiah Chambers, Near Tribhuvan Theatre, 1st Cross, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, 560009, KA… to meet us directly.