What Are The 3 Basic Skills That You Must Know of When Playing Badminton?


Badminton can easily be regarded as a beginner-friendly sport. This is because anyone wanting to indulge in sports can start easily and play the game. Typically, all that beginners must focus on is hitting the shuttle with the badminton racket in a way that it lands on the other side of the net within the limits of the badminton court. However, if you are a beginner, you could get some basic help from the following three skills that will help you in increasing both your entertainment level and confidence while playing the game!

 The Ready Stance

It is crucial to have the right stance when playing badminton as it helps in minimizing all the movements that you require to hit a shot. You can assume the ready stance by putting the leg that does not hold the racket a step forward. Moreover, this leg should be slightly away (about shoulder width) from your racket leg. Bend both your knees ever so slightly so that your weight is equally balanced on both your legs. Also, bend forward slightly from the hip, ensuring your back is straight throughout. Then, lift your racket with your racket hand slightly above your shoulder. Remember that the racket’s head must be situated right above your forehead. Finally, raise your arm that does not have the racket to improve your balance further.


After ensuring that you have the best badminton racket or shuttle bat to play the game, you must learn to grip your racket properly. It is even more crucial for beginners as it helps them control their shots as well as protects them from possible injuries in case they tend to put excessive pressure on their wrists. You can imitate a handshake to learn how to grip your badminton properly. The thumb of your racket hand must press against its handle. The remaining fingers must be wrapped around the racket. It should be a friendly handshake. Remember not to keep your grip too tight because you need your wrist to be flexible. This holds true for both backhand and forehand grip.


Finally, it is essential to be mindful of your footwork as it constitutes an integral part of badminton skills. Players also tend to overlook this aspect of playing badminton. If you have the right footwork, you will find the game much easier because you will be able to cover more court ground while utilizing less energy and time. You can embrace lateral steps as they are the best technique to make strategic movements in the badminton court. It also enables you to change direction quickly and cover a lot more ground. The strain on your knees will also be less, thanks to this technique.


Final Words

And there you go! These are the top 3 basic skills you must know before you attempt to play badminton. If you are looking for a good Yonex badminton, you can check the Yonex badminton racket price at https://www.olympicsportingco.com. We offer reasonable badminton prices so that nothing can stop you from giving this beginner-friendly game a go!