What Are the Basic Rules of Volleyball?

It is fun and interesting to play, watch, or coach volleyball. You may have played it in your school, in your backyard or at the beach. Like every sport, the humble sport of volleyball comes with its own set of rules and regulations.

The game with its thrills, spills, and chills is becoming to be one of the most widely played sports in the country. While all is merry and bright about the game, what are the rules and regulations of this sport? How does one play it?

Explore the basic rules and regulations of this sport, in the simplest way, below:

The rules and regulations mentioned here are the most basic rules of the game. These rules may vary based on locations and circumstances in order to make the game playable by everyone.

First and foremost, the core objective of volleyball is to shuffle a ball (volleyball) between two teams separated by a net. One needs to ‘hit’ the ball in such a way that the other team cannot return the ball on to the other side of the court.

Keeping this objective in spirit, the game continues with the following set of rules:

  • Each team on the court consists of six players each.
  • Each player per team must rotate one position clockwise every time their team wins a point.
  • Three players that are dynamically placed at the net are allowed to jump, spike, or block the ball.
  • The other three players are called the backcourt players. They can hit the ball only if they jump into the attack line, which separates the court into the front part and back part.
  • A ball is considered ‘out’ if
  1. It hits a pole.
  2. Grounds outside the boundaries of the court.
  3. Scrapes the referee or dodges him
  • A player can also hit/return the volleyball with any other part of his/her body such as the chest, head, forehead, shoulder, etc.
  • A team can touch the ball only three times on their side of the court. It is up to the receiver to

Violations in Volleyball:

  • A player cannot catch, hold, or attempt to throw the ball.
  • A player cannot serve from on or inside the court line which separates the court into frontcourt or backcourt.
  • One player cannot hit the ball twice.
  • Touching the net with any part of your body will be considered a violation.
  • The ball cannot travel from underneath the net.

Based on these rules and violations, the scoring will be as follows:

  • An average game is played for 25 points.
  • Grounding the ball within the boundaries of your opponent’s court will grant you a point.
  • Grounding the ball anywhere outside the boundaries of your opponent’s court or within yourself grants a point to your opponent.
  • If by any chance the score becomes 24-24, then the play must go on till one team leads by two points.
  • When one player of a team double touches the ball, the opponent team wins a point.

These sum up the most basic rules of volleyball. These rules and regulations are more than enough to get you started with the sport.

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