What Are the Dimensions of a Badminton Court?

If you’re just starting out on the game of badminton, the badminton court may definitely seem like a class of mathematics to you. Do not worry, you will not be the first one to think so. The colonial Indians who invented this game made sure that everyone can understand and actively participate in this game.

There are different dimensions to a badminton court played by singles and different dimensions for a game played by doubles. You must have already seen that a modern badminton court is sectioned into sub-courts using white tape that is akin to a lawn tennis court. Keep in mind that the dimensions and rules of badminton are different from that of lawn tennis.

Here, we will explain to you the most typical measurements that are taken in order to build an average badminton court on the international level. These are the most commonly used measurements. Badminton is widely known for being a precise sport. It means that each centimeter of the badminton court counts in the victory or defeat of a player.

Measurement by BWF (Badminton World Federation)

Combining all the changes to the game since its inception, BWF has ultimately standardized measurement for badminton courts. All tournaments organized by the BWF will contain these precise measurements only.

For singles matches, the following dimensions are followed:

For doubles, the following dimensions are followed:

Also remember that in doubles matches, each half-court is further divided into two half courts making a total of four quarter courts. This is done to accommodate each of the four players. While players are free to move and play anywhere in their side of the court, one player can serve at a time from his quarter only. He/she will then re-serve only after exchanging his/her quarter court with his/her partner.

Badminton Net and Post Measurement

Owing to the precision of the game, the posts and nets used in the game are also measured accordingly.

The BWF states that the posts each must be 1.55 m (5ft 1inch) in height. They need to be placed vertically while equally dividing the entire court in half, irrespective of doubles or singles play.

The net on the other hand is also specifically made. It needs to be made of fine cord of a dark color and with a thickness of not less than 15 mm and more than 20 mm. The net must be 760 mm (2ft 6 inches) in-depth and 6.1 m (20 ft) wide. The top of the net must be etched with white tape and doubled over with another cord running over the tape. The net must be stretched firmly across the two posts.

If you have now understood the dimensions of a badminton court, the game might be a lot easier for you to comprehend. Do not worry, guidelines for singles and doubles matches are etched in plastic tape in the court. You can easily use these guidelines to understand your position and points.

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