Why Badminton is a Good Sport?

Badminton is probably one of the most popular racket sports in the world. Perhaps due to its ease, it is popular in almost every street in the world. Being an Olympic game, the popularity of badminton has been ever on the rise.

Here are the top reasons why badminton is not “bad” after-all.

Affordable sport.

The only requirements to play a game of badminton are a couple of rackets, a shuttlecock, a badminton court, and an opponent. Sometimes, you can even manage to play this sport in your backyard without a court.

Full body workout.

Believe it or not, a good session of badminton will have involved more than 17 muscles in your body. The rapid lunges, swinging, aiming, and running will stimulate all of your body while burning a lot of calories. This game especially tones your calves, glutes, and quads. Together, the game improves your posture and flexibility.

Weight loss.

An hour of playing badminton can help you burn over 500 calories. Add to that a fun factor by challenging your opponent into several games, this sport is a perfect example of ‘fun’ workout. Losing weight by playing badminton can be a piece of cake.

Improves metabolism.

Usually, badminton is played indoors. It can sweat you out like no other sport. The rapid movements in the game speed up your heart and create an oxygen deficit. This then leads to an increased demand for oxygen leading to improved blood circulation and metabolic rate.

It improves mental cognition.

To return the rapid smashes, one requires some serious amount of focus. This game positively engages your brain into focussing on the tip of the shuttlecock. One also requires proper strategy and psychological observations to play your shot in order to defeat your opponent. You will also be improving your concentration levels, alertness, and agility.

Relieve stress.

As you play badminton, your brain releases endorphins which are also called the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters help reduce stress and boost your mood. A good long game of badminton can not only help your body but also substantially affect your mood positively.

Heart health.

With growing heart disease, it is important to focus on activities that improve heart health. Badminton improves blood circulation to a great extent which in turn makes your heart extremely strong. The game can help you fight clogged arteries and cholesterol.

It improves lung function.

For those of you sick of pollution and smoke, an indoor game like badminton can be the perfect getaway while being extremely healthy and strengthening. Since badminton requires constant breathing at a rapid pace, it improves your lung function, especially for those with difficulties in breathing.

Whatever one may say about ‘badminton, it is undoubtedly one of the most ‘goodest’ sport out there. Make sure to warm up before playing the sport since it is a complex sport that tones and strengthens all of your body. It is important to keep fit and flexible to maintain proper health.

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Happy Shuttling!